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You have just clicked your way to the Albion Chatroom portal. Simply click one of the three links above to either join the chatroom through a Java Applet, check up on our funny and odd quotes or read up on the rules for Albion.

The Albion Chatroom, or the Albion Project as it is sometimes referred to, is not supposed to be a chatroom owned by any community or site. Instead, we connect to as many sites as we can, always looking for new people who might be willing to join us. With people from all over the various communites, we form a community of our own with our own set of rules and where no one gains power due to their status on sites connected to Albion. Warvault is kind enough to host the main chat applet as well as the rules and quotes as the Albion Project fits with the original idea of Enjoy your stay in #Albion!

Currently Connected Sites:
Round Table of Bretonnia
The Ogre Stronghold
The Pyramid Vault
Warhammer Realm
Chaos Dwarfs Online