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Welcome to the highly amusing place of the wonderful and hilarious chat quotes from the day-to-day chatting in the #Albion channel. We are a strange bunch of odd figures, but we are really friendly towards new people and love to share our happiness with whomever wants to join us. Despite most of the quotes you will see, we are not a bunch of perverted idiots. We are more like overgrown kids back in kindergarden.

These quotes are saved for anyone to read and enjoy. Currently in charge of updating and gathering quotes is Hyarion, an operator in the channel #Albion. Former people who have held this position has been Nagathi and Silas. Silas was the first one to gather quotes and publish them online, as he did so for many different channels he visited. These are not included among the Albion Quotes, but instead have their own list, found here. many kudos to him and nagathi for saving quotes and get them posted online.

To see the quotes, click in the menu to your left to select which page to view.

To join the chatroom, click the link "Join the Chat" above this piece of text. That will load a new page on which you will be asked to accept a Java licence for the Java applet. If you decline, you will not be able to access the channel.