Albion Chat Quotes

BakingNathalie: No one likes me
Anon8374: Nagi; ditch the dildo and we can talk
Lily: I do like you Nags... I just have a bad habit of molesting you frequently.

Elileth: where's my vagina

Thagdarf: Eldy lives in the apartment above, with one of those fireman poles down to Nag :p
Hyarion: Thag, to hear Nag tell it, Eldy loves riding that pole
Thagdarf: Bad mental image....
Groltag shoots himself with a crossbow
Thagdarf: I can all but hear Nag screaming "lick it like a icecream!"

Eldacar: Aryel's type of "girl" is Nagathi dressed up as Princess Zelda, VM.

Eldacar: Selling your 360?
Prince_Elileth: how on earth did you come to that conclusion...
Prince_Elileth: and i'd sell my self before I sold Shiela
Eldacar: ...he's given it a name.

Prince_Elileth: what, now you're gonna tell me it's wierd to name your shit?
Stripe_the_Bunny: You name your shit too?
Eldacar: El: You're standing at the toilet saying "Ooh, that one's Jim?"

PaRaSiTe: In that case...Link to the program? :P
PaRaSiTe: Link to something damnit!
Hyarion: PaRaSiTe,
PaRaSiTe: Aryel: That's just wrong.

Hyarion: use /me
Aryel uses Hyarion
Aryel: yay! it's fun

CC: so, pornsites are your thing?
Eldacar: Actually, that reminds me of something.
Eldacar opens the web browser.

Eldacar: El: Well, you'll need to come to Oz and get one. I recommend that you try Perth.
Elileth: Eldy: do you live in Perth?
Eldacar: No.

Dick: I got up at 5 AM today :P
Dick: I have only been up 12 hours

Hyarion: Elileth, try this penguin on for size
Hyarion throws Edibles_doood at Elileth and watches the whole thing blow up
Quits: Elileth (Ping timeout)
Edibles_doood: Prinny, DooooooooooooooooD!
Fenrir: :P
Edibles_doood: Power to the Penguins!

Correlohn: and i farted and my teacher says something was burning!

-!- Aryel has joined #Albion
NoOoDLe is feeling very excited
Eldacar has noticed that Noodle always seems to feel that way when Aryel arrives.
NoOoDLe: This would be my first girlfriend in 4 years
Eldacar: Aryel would be your first girlfriend in four years?
NoOoDLe: Aryel is a guy methinks
Eldacar: Hard to tell./
Eldacar: Just look at him/her/it!
Aryel: it?!
Nathalie: Aryel; To Eldy, you're nothing but a phallus
NoOoDLe: Aryel, sorry but my heart belongs to someone else
Aryel: I'm not an animal!

Silas: darkprincess, I am the awesomeness player ever. Game of my Goblins vs my opponants Dwarves. I somehow managed to convince his unit of Dwarven warriors to declare a charge on his own unit of archers...
Silas: He even let me stand and shoot, before he moved in.
darkprincess: Silas: how can he charge his own unit ?
Silas: darkprincess, He cant. He thought they were Goblins :P
darkprincess: Silas: WTF ?
Silas: I did point it out to him after I stopped laughing
darkprincess: lol
Silas: One of the funniest moments in my gaming life
darkprincess: indeed

EricJ: Strangely enough, I think I could find some sort of perverse pleasure of going at it on NoOoDLe with a large rubber dildo.

Nathalie: ...
Eldacar steals teh periods.
Eldacar: Gotta catch 'em all.
Thagdarf: You know you're in for a bad time when Eldy needs to steal other peoples period's to become even more grumpy, arrogant and evil.

Loran: I forgive you, as I don't occasionally remember some Finnish rods :P
Loran: ...
Loran: Oh fuck

@Eldacar: Though this place is a bit short on innocence.
+Loran: No kidding?
@Hyarion: NO WAI!!!

Loki17: its sung to the tune of Frosty the Snowman
Loki17: Eldy the Robot is a very grumpy soul
Loki17: With a solar panel, hydraulic lines, and a heart made out of coal.
Loki17: Eldy the Robot is a nice guy, so they say
Loki17: But I disagree, cause he kicked me 3 times yesterday.
Loki17: I must have hit a circuit when I called him a Robot
Loki17: He kicked me out of the room and started to yell a lot.
Loki17: Eldy the Robot was tired of Loki's joke
Loki17: He said "Alright you've had your fun, its time for Kill-bot mode!"
Loki17: Down to the chat room with a kick button in his hand,
Loki17: Kicking here and there kicking everywhere
Loki17: Saying "I'll ban you if I can"
Loki17: He kicked everyone including Leth his fellow Op
Loki17: He only paused a moment when Moonie hollered "Stop!"
Loki17: Eldy the Kill-bot kicked everyone that day
Loki17: Saying "Now that I've gone and ruined your fun I think I'll go away!"

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