Albion Chat Quotes

Ariel touch Loran in the naugty places...
Ariel covers Loran in hot sauce and licks him all over
Ariel ties Loran to the bed with a blue tie and cover him with honey and duck feathers...
Ariel brings a donkey named "Benito"
Ariel also brings a blow-up doll of Antonio Banderas and starts a foursome with the donkey, and a tied and covered in feathers Loran
Ariel: Loran will need a shower after this...
Ariel leaves the blow-up doll of Antonio Banderas, the Donkey "Benito" and Loran to have fun while he goes to eat a nice BBQ with beer...
Loran: This makes me feel special :P

Thagdarf: I can see nag is selling himself again ?

Ramesesis: Well, my wife is a rabbit.

Fenrir: Noodsy the She-elf!

Eldacar: Orcy: Yeah. Everybody hates him, because he insists on correcting any typoes we make in reports.
Orcslicer: you mean typos? :P

NoOoDLe: I didn't spam
EricJ: NoOoDLe: you _are_ spam

Nathalie jingles Ramsies christmas balls
Loran: O.o

Loran: ...
Loran: Oh fuck
Loran: >.<
Hyarion: here? now?
Loran: Don't quote that XD
Hyarion: in front of all these people?
Loran: You never know
Hyarion: that's what got me put away the first time

Loki: HP is one of the worst examples of humanity

Lyhne: Loki, I needed you last night!

Groltag: Typical dwarf, always mining when the elves try to stab his face

Hyarion: Thag, to hear Nag tell it, Eldy loves riding that pole

Nathalie likes Eldy licking

EricJ: I'm getting desperate here. Where the hell is Hyarion? ;_;

The_Wanderer is all soft, but he used to be hard

correlohn:no1 really knows who i am and you know what
correlohn:i kick their ass when they thng that the can fight me!
correlohn:so basically a nerd?
Ferretsnarf:they get pwned by your stellar spelling

Loki: Eldacar: you're in charge
Loki ( Quit (Read error: EOF from client )
Aenarion: Eldacar
Aenarion: why does loki say that to every op when he goes out
Aenarion: ?
DarkTyrany22: Because he doesn't trust any of you.
Aenarion: huh
Aenarion: well not that
Aenarion: but he says that to ops that are .. more in charge than he is
HP_Vortex: delusions of grandeur

Ariel: yes... Gonzalez isn't the most common name... it's Perez.
Ariel: according to the hpone vookv
Nathalie: according to the what now?
Nathalie: or have you been drinking too much again?
Ariel: phone book.
Ariel: no... we're having an interferencie betwen my finger and the kruboeaerd
Ariel: ok... the 2 bottles of champagne diodn't hgelped...
Ariel: adn the 4 pints og beer...

Loki17: do you know how good of a work out it would be to climb up the pole and slide down for an hour every day?

Voodoomaster: I mean we have Mario here aka Petter
Voodoomaster: and we have his brother Luigi aka Len
Voodoomaster: we have Princess Peach aka Rinki
Voodoomaster: we have Wario aka Adam
Lethalis: wait, I'm Nagathi's brother?
Nagathi: Leth; Aye
Nagathi: and my side-kick
Voodoomaster: Leth, you're taller and most of your country is filled with water and pipes :P

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