Albion Chat Quotes

Nathalie: ...
Eldacar steals teh periods.
Eldacar: Gotta catch 'em all.
Thagdarf: You know you're in for a bad time when Eldy needs to steal other peoples period's to become even more grumpy, arrogant and evil.

Eldacar steals teh periods.
Hyarion: what? one a month isn't enough? you feel the need to be grumpy and moody even more?

PaRaSiTe: Damn.
HP_Flywheels: no ever will this chat descend into degeneracy with only hyarion and ariel?
Eldacar: In all fairness, you only need Ariel and somebody to respond to him. Hyarion is just overkill.
HP_Flywheels: well yes but the degeneration of a chat is almost instantaneous with all three of them
Eldacar: So you're looking for speed?
HP_Flywheels: well speed and efficiency
Eldacar: Ah.
Eldacar: Maybe you could be the one responding to Ariel and Hyrrie, then.
Eldacar: See how that goes.
HP_Flywheels: I have done that before
Eldacar: So what's stopping you this time?
HP_Flywheels: Hyarion though he is more of a catylyst though like he is nothing without the rest
Eldacar: XD
Ariel: Eldacar, in all fairness I can convert Albion in a place of depravity and sodomy all by myself... the chatquotes proves it...
Hyarion: so I'm definitely quoting this, I just need to figure out where to start
Eldacar: Ariel: Well, yeah, but HP is looking for speed and efficiency.
Ariel: so, do not understimate the BSDM size of the force...
Eldacar: Nobody doubts that you could do it yourself.
Eldacar: He wants it done fast and well, though.
HP_Flywheels: ohh I have no doubt
HP_Flywheels: it needs to degenerate by the books damn it
Hyarion: Just ask Aryel's gf about how fast he is
Hyarion: done well though?
Eldacar: All of two seconds!
Hyarion: we'll have to go somewhere else
Eldacar: So she tells me.
HP_Flywheels: now eldacar if you add DP to the mix then it is beyond overkill

HP_Flywheels: LO goes down more than a whore on prom night
Ariel: oh my... o.O
Hyarion: Aryel just wet himself a little

NoOoDLe: I do think I would prefer Tigress to use a dildo on me then hy
NoOoDLe: * Hyarion or silas
Fenrir: ...
Illidan|the_sandwichman: XD
NoOoDLe: what?
Fenrir: tmi there
Hyarion: tmi
NoOoDLe: That is natural behavior

EricJ: Strangely enough, I think I could find some sort of perverse pleasure of going at it on NoOoDLe with a large rubber dildo.

Loki17:she didn't want to get up
Ninnie:HEY, my book is 1 meter far
Loki17:to get her book
Loki17:Ninnie is a Guy!?!?!
oki17goes to take a cold shower

+Voodoomaster: so Aryel's type of girl
+Voodoomaster: is a goat dressed up as princess zelda
+Loran: XD
+Voodoomaster: with narmo typed up in the basement for extras
+Voodoomaster shudders

Silas: darkprincess, I am the awesomeness player ever. Game of my Goblins vs my opponants Dwarves. I somehow managed to convince his unit of Dwarven warriors to declare a charge on his own unit of archers...
Silas: He even let me stand and shoot, before he moved in.
darkprincess: Silas: how can he charge his own unit ?
Silas: darkprincess, He cant. He thought they were Goblins :P
darkprincess: Silas: WTF ?
Silas: I did point it out to him after I stopped laughing
darkprincess: lol
Silas: One of the funniest moments in my gaming life
darkprincess: indeed

Eldacar: Hyarion and Hyarion.
Loran: Amazing how fast those two names come into mind when talking about abuse...

Anon4309 has joined #Albion
Anon4309: ... arriving from the Round Table of Bretonnia
Anon4309 has left #Albion
Eldacar:'s kind of amusing how as soon as somebody shows up, we immediately stop talking until they're gone...

Thagdarf: He seems ot be going into "Fenrir mode"

Loran: I forgive you, as I don't occasionally remember some Finnish rods :P
Loran: ...
Loran: Oh fuck

@Hyarion: NoOoDLe, i think the last thing that Eldacar wants to do is stimulate you
@Eldy|Away: You're an idiot if you think I would. I'm not Aryel or Illidan.
+Aryel: wait what?

@Eldacar: Though this place is a bit short on innocence.
+Loran: No kidding?
@Hyarion: NO WAI!!!

@Nathalie: Ale; Visit the loo if you're in a crappy mood
@Hyarion: or just use a cork and superglue and fix the problem that way
@Nathalie: Hyarion, law of physics, a sealed exit of an enclosed space with increasing amounts of matter inside increases pressure... I wonder what will burst first, and where
@Hyarion: Nagsi, the suspense is killing me, i hope it lasts

@Nathalie: Snowy; Hyarion is Bush Undercover, in case you hadn't noticed
SnowMongoose attempts to catch said irate water buffalo
@Nathalie: and "bush under cover" sounds kinky
Fenrir: Then he should remove that ape he's using as cover
@Nathalie: although, it sounds very Hyarion :)

@Nathalie: Fenrir, weed and undressed girls. That's all there is in Dutchland
@Nathalie: and a team of football players in gay orange shirts
SnowMongoose: wait a second, they have naked girls?
@Nathalie: Snowy; Who do you think invented the red light district?
@Nathalie: Red Light District of Holland = Holland.

+Loran: Oh hell
+Loran: Will you two just get over your marriage-crisis and talk to each other
@Hyarion: NO!
+Loran: Then get another lawyer!
@Hyarion: :(
+Loran: Or pay me more
+Ariel: More?
+Loran: In money!
+Ariel: no cream?
+Loran: No
Hyarion gives Loran TWO Antonio Banderas blow up dolls
+Ariel: no honey and featherS?
+Loran: No
+Ariel: oh... two!
@Hyarion: yeah, the one you already gave Loran, and the other one out of Aryel's closet
+Ariel: hey!
+Ariel: that is your xmas present!
+Ariel: was... actually...
+Ariel: and what the heck are you doing in my closet?
+Loran: I knew I should've asked for money when I joined

Orcslicer: nudity is frowned upon at higher social standing events
@Eldacar: So THAT'S why they looked at me funny!
Orcslicer does not speak from experience
Eldacar doesn't either.

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