Albion Chat Quotes

Lethalis blames Eldacar
@Hyarion: sure, blame the sleeping guy
@Lethalis: of course
+Loran: Even better, he can't defend himself
@Lethalis: in fact, I blame him because he is sleeping
@Lethalis: and not doing anything about the slow service
Orcslicer: 93% of site problems are cuased by Eldacar sleeping
@Hyarion: of course, proven statistic

Groltag becomes ULTRANERD!
Groltag: Because everyone hates a nerd! especially when he is ULTRA!
Groltag: Let's face it, anything with ultra infront of it must suck!
Groltag: Ultramarines for example!
+Edibles_Doood|Ill: Ultrayourmother?
Groltag: Ultrayourface

-!- Aryel [Aryel@] has joined #Albion
NoOoDLe is feeling very excited
Eldacar has noticed that Noodle always seems to feel that way when Aryel arrives.
+NoOoDLe: This would be my first girlfriend in 4 years
@Eldacar: Aryel would be your first girlfriend in four years?
+NoOoDLe: Aryel is a guy methinks
@Eldacar: Hard to tell./
@Eldacar: Just look at him/her/it!
+Aryel: it?!
@Nathalie: Aryel; To Eldy, you're nothing but a phallus
+NoOoDLe: Aryel, sorry but my heart belongs to someone else
+Aryel: I'm not an animal!

@Nathalie: Eldy: Sleep tight, and dream of me
@Eldacar: Nag: God no.

@Nathalie: Ariel is MINE!
+NoOoDLe: Nags, you can have him
+NoOoDLe: or her
+NoOoDLe: or it

Thagdarf: Eldy lives in the apartment above, with one of those fireman poles down to Nag :p
@Hyarion: Thag, to hear Nag tell it, Eldy loves riding that pole
Thagdarf: Bad mental image....
Groltag shoots himself with a crossbow
Thagdarf: I can all but hear Nag screaming "lick it like a icecream!"

@Eldacar: Aryel's type of "girl" is Nagathi dressed up as Princess Zelda, VM.

+Loran: 14:46 <+Illidan|the_sandwichman> Since when? XD
+Loran: Whoops
+Loran looks innocent
+Loran: Not quoting or anything
+Illidan|the_sandwichman looks at Loran
+Illidan|the_sandwichman: Meh, at least it can't be misunderstood sexually. :P
@Eldacar: Get Aryel in here and it could be.

@Eldacar: Selling your 360?
Prince_Elileth: how on earth did you come to that conclusion...
Prince_Elileth: and i'd sell my self before I sold Shiela
@Eldacar: ...he's given it a name.

Prince_Elileth: what, now you're gonna tell me it's wierd to name your shit?
+Stripe_the_Bunny: You name your shit too?
@Eldacar: El: You're standing at the toilet saying "Ooh, that one's Jim?"

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