Albion Chat Quotes

Caeohin: Without Hyarion we are doomed!

CC: Albion is the home of notorious daterapists, bondage lesbians and little dutch spammers?
Hyarion: CC, keep going, I'll stop you when you're wrong

Guildenstern: there is nothing special on a nake brad pitt
Guildenstern: he looks like me naked
Guildenstern: except the face
Tigress: Guildenstern
Tigress: Marriage
Tigress: Now

Loran: Since Brad Pitt has an amazing body :P
Loran: Not that I've seen him naked
Hyarion: Loran, suuuuuuuuure.....
Loran: :)

Eldacar: Speaking of which, did you fix Noodle's problem?
EricJ: For quick action!!1

Eldacar: You might want to try the buffalo god instead.
Hyarion divides NoOoDLe into two portions
Eldacar: Keep him from taking issue with your catapulting his worshippers all over the place.
NoOoDLe: I don't want to be sacrificed to the cow god and Aryel

Imrix haddocks himself most mightily.

Imrix: I can never hear Danse Macabre without thinking of line-dancing zombies.

Fenrir: Make #Albion, not war!

Loki17:Rammy: I just saw your reply in the Zombie thread
Loki17:did you just insinuate that DP uses a dildo to fight zombies?
Ramesesis:Yeah Loki
Ramesesis:If it is big enough... and some are really big...

Eldacar: How many Albionites does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Hyarion: 2, the real question is: how did htey get in the lightbulb
Hamnli: same I thought of :P
Eldacar: ...okay, I'm tempted to give it to Hyarion, but: "One. It isn't really all that hard."

DarthRammie does the distant strangling thing
DarthRammie: Damn hard with letters

CC[: hahooo?
CC[: I do not hahoo
Prince_Elileth: CC: don't lie, you hahoo like a two bit whore

Orcslicer: I sense a disturbance in your pants
Prince_Elileth: Orcslicer: I'll be the princess if you'll polish my "light saber"

Hyarion doesn't think Eldacar will ever be satisfied
Eldacar doesn't think Hyarion will ever satisfy him.
Eldacar: Wait.
Hyarion: too late
Eldacar: ...
Eldacar hits Hyarion with a rather large and heavy steel chair
Eldacar grumbles.
Eldacar: Out of context!
Hyarion: FTW!
Eldacar: One day, I'll get you. And make you SUFFER.

Hyarion: Loki, did you know that the glare from Aryel's naked body is the only manmade glare that can be seen from Earth's orbit?

Loki17: I, for one, am intellignet

Silas snuggles Eldacar
+Eldacar hits Silas with a rather large and heavy steel chair
Silas ( Quit (Ping timeout)
Lioness: Eldacar you killed Silas!
Eldacar: >=]
Tigress: =O
Tigress: All he wanted was your love, you monster!

Hyarion: Eldy, I don't know what you're talking about
Eldacar: Denial.
Hyarion: Rebuttal.
Eldacar: Counterpoint and refutation.
Hyarion: General exception to refutation and insult to your ancestors.
Eldacar: Refusal to accept faulty conclusion and questioning of sexual preference.
Hyarion: Proof of conclusion and water buffalo.
Eldacar: Refutation of proof and rather large and heavy steel chair.
Hyarion: Demand for proof of refutation and vague comments about your nocturnal habits with Aryel.
Eldacar: Revealing proof of refutation coupled with irrefutable argument, and questioning of general maturity.
Joins: Lethalis (Lethalis@Lethalis.kickbanned.gamesurge)
Hyarion: Argument that no such proof exists and "takes one to know one"-esque comment
Eldacar: Further proof of refutation and general amusement at lack of a credible response.
Lethalis: Confusion about fish and general lack of knowledge about the subject at hand
Hyarion: Explanation of fish and general joke about Lethalis' confusion.
Eldacar: Agreement with joke.
Hyarion: Presentation of previous conversation to seek Lethalis' agreement with my viewpoint.
Eldacar: Presentation of proof that Hyarion's viewpoint is faulty.
Lethalis: Demand for chocolate pie.
Hyarion: Giving of pie.
Eldacar: Providing of chocolate pie.
EricJ: Uhm... I'm not interrupting anything, am I? _
Eldacar: General joke about EricJ's confusion.
Hyarion: Agreement with joke.
Lethalis: Satisfaction given by Eldacar's presicion in the pie matter, agreement of Eldacar's view
Hyarion: Cursing of Lethalis' poor mental faculties and lack of judgement.

Lethalis: General repeated poking of Voodoomaster.
Lethalis: Disappointed by lack of response, proclamation of intention to proceed with troutslapping.
Eldacar: Agreement and approval of proclaimed intention.
Hyarion: Opening of weaponized trout locker.
Voodoomaster: finally anonymous are doing something good
Hyarion: Observation that Voodoomaster isn't anonymous.
Eldacar: Agreement with observation, suggestion to Lethalis of choice of weaponised trout.
Lethalis: Declaration that red weaponized trout with black stripes is desired
Eldacar: Approval of choice.
Hyarion: Presentation of red weaponized trout with black stripes.
Eldacar: Suggestion of flame-pattern red trout as alternate means of attack.
Lethalis: Query regarding using both simultaneously.
Eldacar: Positive response to query.
Hyarion: Suggestion of backhand swing as primary means of trout utilization.
Joins: Anon6704 (
Anon6704: I am arriving from
Hyarion: Greeting of newcomer.
Eldacar: Agreement with greeting.
Eldacar: Suggestion that newcomer use the nick commands to change their nick.
Anon6704 is now known as Avaris
Lethalis: Suggestion accepted, proceeding with requirements to swing both weaponized trouts at target.
Avaris: newcomer knows that ;)
Lethalis: Setting target designation to 'Voodoomaster'.
Lethalis: Official query to target regarding last wishes.
Eldacar: Suggestion that target has no last wish, approval to proceed at will.
Lethalis: Agreement and execution of backhand swing with 1) red weaponized trout with black stripes and 2) flame pattern red weaponized trout at target.
Lethalis: Observation of direct hit on target has left said target incapable of response.
Eldacar: Agreement with observation, suggestion of second attack to determine further effects.
Voodoomaster: ...
Voodoomaster: what?

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