Albion Chat Quotes

Sethayla: woops, wrong link
Typo: could have been worse
Typo: you could have copy-pasted porn
Hyarion: yeah, could have been
Elileth really hopes someone clicks Hyarion's link
Sethayla: I just did

Prince_Elileth: I'm pretty sure I've had gay sex with one of my best friends

Loran: So there is no "op abuse" at play here :)
Loran: Or power abuse
Loran: Op abuse sounds like someone is abusing the ops
Eldacar: That happens fairly regularly.
Eldacar: Aryel and Nagathi...
Loran: Yeah, well that's Nag and Aryel for you
Hyarion is innocent of all crimes
Eldacar: Hyarion and Hyarion.
Loran: Amazing how fast those two names come into mind when talking about abuse...
-!- Hyarion is now known as SomeoneWhoIsntHyarion
SomeoneWhoIsntHyarion: so why does the name Hyarion bring to mind abuse?
Eldacar: Channy, for example.
Eldacar: Poor thing.
Eldacar: All those topic changes.
SomeoneWhoIsntHyarion: !8 Do I abuse you?
ChanServ: SomeoneWhoIsntHyarion: Reading foggy -- try again later.
Illidan|the_sandwichman: buffalo abuses
SomeoneWhoIsntHyarion: the buffalo like it!
Illidan|the_sandwichman: caribou abuses
SomeoneWhoIsntHyarion: ...
Illidan|the_sandwichman: I could be seen as an abuser but I have excuses. I'm Slaaneshi and I'm Dutch.

Silas stabs people, randomly
Nimi stabs Silas back
Silas enjoys it
Silas: Stab harder!
Nimi: oh
Orcslicer: O.o
Nimi stabs harder
Orcslicer: only in albion does stabbing become softcore porn
Hyarion: Orcy, softcore?
CC: Pretty much
Hyarion: only because at least one of them is wearing pants?
CC: It's all relative, isn't it?

Loran: Hyarion: You and the Gestapo don't frighten me!
Hyarion: Gestapo? bah,, those amateurs.... I work for Nagsi!

Ariel: ok, enough of this classic stuff
Loran: No Ariel, you keep your clothes on
Ariel: I can't I'm at the office...

Sethayla: has anyone here tried sesamie ginger marinade on stake?
Sethayla: its grate
Hyarion: *great
Hyarion: *sesame
Hyarion: *steak
Sethayla: i thought i turned off spell checker
Hyarion: don't worry, you did
Hyarion: :D
Orcslicer: yarly
Sethayla shivers
Nagathi: One cannot turn of my sweet little bot Hyarion
Hyarion: *off
Nagathi: damn, I need to find a way to recode Hyarion to ignore my errors...

Joins: Voodoomaster (~jaifoh@Voodoomaster.cyber-criminal.gamesurge)
Voodoomaster: good moaning

Silas: Anyways, away for a bi

Ariel: Eldacar, and for the record... I'm not sexually confused... I prefer women... and if I can't get any... well, I grab what I can... you know what they say "In war times, any hole is a trench"

Al-Lethalis: [14:39] * +danceman panis <--- good ol' Freud

Hyarion: Eldy, I have ~ 28
Eldacar: O_O
Eldacar: That's... a lot.

Hyarion: Eldy, are you still fingering the kick button?
Eldacar: No.
Al-Lethalis: :P
Eldacar: I hit it with a hammer.

Voodoomaster: wow
Voodoomaster: eldy in the morning brings a whole new meaning to the words
Voodoomaster: "Good Moaning"

fAzu: oh jeah loran my master
fAzu: i bow to you
fAzu: i finally found you after 5 long years
fAzu: where have you been
Loran: O.o
Voodoomaster: ... O_o
fAzu: why did you abandon me=
Voodoomaster: what the?
Loran: Wtf?

Nagathi: what?
Nagathi: who?
Nagathi: where?
Hyarion points to Silas
Hyarion points to Silas
Hyarion points to Silas' crotch
Nagathi: ahh
Nagathi: the Silly Crotch

SnowMongoose: I dont really have the "keep legs closed" reflex down
Tigress: You really need that reflex down pat before you consider anything at the knee or above
Hyarion: Tigress, depends on where you are, who you're with, and what you're trying to accomplish
Tigress: Very true, Hyarion
Tigress: But I meant in regular polite company =p
Hyarion: ah, then yes, that reflex is semi-critical

Loki17: You have to ask her a Yes or No question in a positive format
Groltag: !8 Do you enjoy a cup of tea!
ChanServ: Groltag: Absolutely not.
Loki17: that's better

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