Albion Chat Quotes

Groltag: I play nurgle
NoOoDLe: so Grolly does it filthy?
Groltag: My army is tiny

@Illidan|the_sandwichman: Warning, may cause severe addiction to mindless flash games.
+NoOoDLe: Illi, I thought Loran caused that..
@Illidan|the_sandwichman: NoOoDLe, Loran can cause severe addiction to a lot of stuff.

Ariel: I heard if you say Eldacar 3 times in front of a mirror, a skinny guy with glasses appears and beat you the crap out with a big WHRPG book...

+EricJ: More pornbots on Ulthuan. Yay. :|
+daencekin: those deviant high elves

+Loran: Or at least very close to being
+Loran: Or very far from it
+Loran: Or not even near
+Loran: Shit
+Loran: I just pwned myself, didn't I?
+Loran: Damn
Loran curses
+Loran: Hey, you can't win always, but you can always lose :)

daencekin: indeed, all the gay manlove you can get
Ramesesis: Those where the days...

Prince_Elileth: I think my roommate sold my razor to buy drugs
Prince_Elileth: which presents multiple problems now
Prince_Elileth: first I can't shace
Prince_Elileth: shave*a
Prince_Elileth: and second now i have no reason legitimate explanation for why I covered my bady in shaving cream

CEBWJ: I don't understand why vampires have no armour ?
PaRaSiTe: All armour contains garlic.

Loran: It's quite funny, even though it doesn't contain any references to sex
Hyarion: no quote is perfect

PaRaSiTe puts up a sign: "Please do not feed the Ariel"

EricJ: I have "tits"

EricJ: NoOoDLe: How you doing, son?
NoOoDLe: EricJ, Deprssed but otherwise good, Dad, You?
EricJ: Depressed, eh? Must run in the family or something.
NoOoDLe: Hehe, if you say so :P
Loran: O.o
Loran: The horror...

Andruillius: I'm also a Norwegian, N-o-r-w-e-g-i-a-n. I believe you have laws against smooching us.
Hyarion: not if he uses protection
Loran: Hyarion: And you know that because... ?
Hyarion: Loran, I work for the CIA, I have my sources
Hyarion is an International Mystery of a Man
Hyarion: time for soup
Nagathi: you and your soup
Loran: That's propably "Mystery Man slang" for having to kill someone

Hyarion: this may not be a good place to get a baseline for "normal" chatroom customs

Prince_Elileth: is anal chicken murder what tickles mrs. Snow?

Nagsi|WRITING: feeling cold or something?
hamnli_undressed snuggles Nagsi
hamnli_undressed: a viking never feels cold
hamnli_undressed: now feel my pubic hairs against your chin
hamnli_undressed: mwahahahaha

Loran: Now that the models look great, I'm gonna make that dream of mine reality
Hyarion: but i'm already a reality
Nagathi sets mode: +dream Hyarion

CC: Step 1: confusion
Orcslicer: Anyone want to explain the birds and the bees?
Orcslicer: Albion stylee
Orcslicer: :)
Hyarion: Step 2: IDoSP
Andruillius: Step 3: ???
Orcslicer votes for PE to do it
Andruillius: Step 4: Profit!
Paulus: Digital AIDS?
Paulus: Ah. That's where I come in.
Paulus: (With the profit...not the E-AIDS)
CC: IDoSP isn't Aids, thought it could give it to you
Loran: Too late...
Loran: :P
Hyarion: Paulus, we're giving you out for profit?
CC: Sure, why wouldn't we?
Hyarion: ok
Paulus: I'm hot enough to make a good solid profit.

+Loran: For the cheapest rates, call #Albion!

-!- ChanServ changed the topic of #Albion to: Paulus now available at cheap rates! | Albert Einstein
Paulus: Cheap? :(
-!- ChanServ changed the topic of #Albion to: Paulus now available at rock bottom rates! | Albert Einstein
Paulus: Well. At least I'm not free.
CC: Dirty cheap, more accuratly
Paulus: I like it Dirty.
-!- ChanServ changed the topic of #Albion to: Paulus now available at rock bottom rates! | Paulus even likes it dirty! (PE this one is for you)|Albert Einstein

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