Albion Chat Quotes

CC shoots Lethalis with a large calliber shotgun. Note: large
Hyarion notes that CC's gun isn't all that large

Ariel: Can we stop talking about my secretions?

Ariel: yes, I'm here for your personal amusement, Loran... now please deposit $300 to continue...
Nagathi: Ariel is a peep show?
Hyarion: your rates have gone up since last time
Ariel: A man has to eat, you know...

Prince_Elileth: anyways I really do need to shower so I'll be back in a few minutes
Ariel drops the soap in front of Prince_Elileth

Orcslicer: yes, anything for Pete's buttery love!

Orcslicer berates Hyarion for being Eldacar
Hyarion: now I wield ultimate power!
Orcslicer: His thingy isn't that big...
Orcslicer: I'd hardly call it "ultimate"
Hyarion: Orcy, and you know that...
Loran: Hyarion: Do you really want to know?
Hyarion: Loran, to get Orcslicer to admit that he knows precisely how big Eldacar's "weapon" is, yes
Loran nods
Loran: Good point

Ninnie: My net screwed up :(
Hyarion steals Ninza's net
-!- Lethalis [Lethalis@Lethalis.kickbanned.gamesurge] has quit [Ping timeout]
+Loran: Hyarion: I think you stole the wrong net
Ariel: Who the hell is this Chinese Ping who keeps calling Timeout?
Loran: No idea
Hyarion: No clue

Ariel: mmm... hand writing W looks like a butt... :/
Hyarion: mmm... hand writing W looks like a butt... <-- Freudian slip there?
Loran is innocent
Hyarion: >:]
Loran: Hyarion: It's Ariel, it's never a Freudian slip...
Illidan|the_sandwichman: I think he really meant it that his W's look like butts.
Illidan|the_sandwichman: Which means he must be thinking about them while writing.
Illidan|the_sandwichman: Which makes me wonder what he's writing...
Loran: We so don't want to know...

Prince_Elileth: also damn my brother was home so I was forced to use a toilet like a commoner

Prince_Elileth: brb gonna shower
Hamnli_Painting: brb
Hamnli_Painting: gotta go tape something

Nagsi: any site with an url of "" MUST be good!

Orcslicer plays with his "aeroplane"
Lethalis: Marek; what's the matter, lack of hangar?

Loki17: I know I don't want to eat feces just because I do
Ariel: meh... it's not that bad... as long there isn't any tongue action involved...

Silas_: Who wants my trousers?

Guildenstern: btw..... wanna see some boobs

Nagathi has made a new post to Hyarion in a hidden forum
Loran: Kinky
Hyarion: especially since i don't have a hidden forum
Loran: No denying it now

Nagathi: Elileth; I have been screwing all day long, and touching other people's nuts
Loki17: Note
Loki17: Nuts, that go on bolts
Loki17: due to his plumbing work
Loki17: Ruining Nagathi's Innuendo's since last week
Hyarion: Loli, lol
Aubrey: Loki, due to Hyarion's incompetence, you're now known as Loli ;)
Loki17: did you fail

Hyarion: I'm tired. On a strange machine that isnt entirely under my control yet. <-- Considering who that's coming from, I need a badge....

Loki17: Hyarion: can you adjust me?
Loran: Ewww
Loki17: Nagathi: fix me please
Nagathi gives Loki17 a fix
Loki17: ummm
Hyarion: Loki, i'll do it, i'm sorry, i was just laughing too hard

Thagdarf: Also, don't overupgrade all the damn eldar things. They got almost as much macgyver appeal as Tau.

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