Albion Chat Quotes

Groltag: Elileth, making sense!
HeadlessTypo: [23:21] Elileth, making sense! <-- Crap. World Ending. and me without a head
Varkin gives Typo head
Varkin: dammit!!
Prince_Elileth: O.o
Varkin: +a! +a!
Groltag: .....
Groltag: I think I'm going to purge my face
HeadlessTypo: . . . .
Varkin: A head!
Varkin facedesks
HeadlessTypo: hah

Loran returns
Hyarion returns Loran
Hyarion: this one is defective
Loran: :(
Hyarion: i want a new one
DeMysteriis buys a new Loran

Loran: This is #Albion, please leave your sanity by the door
Loran: Enjoy your stay!

Lethalis: wait what
Lethalis: NoOoDLe right?
Lethalis: I sense a disturbance in the force...

Hyarion steals the motto
Loran steals it back
Hyarion steals Loran's stealing
Loran spanks Hyarion
Hyarion: mission accomplished

Nagathi: Cen; the girls must luv you :)
Nagathi: or the guys do..
Hyarion: lol
Cen^food: What do you base this assumption on?
Groltag: Albion vision

Silas: hello FRIEND.
Hyarion: when Silas says that, I get worried
CEBWJ|sadface: when Silas says that, I get cuddly.
Loki17: When Silas says that, I know he's talking to me
Varkin: when Silas says that, i get the first aid kit

Nagathi: the only one with database access beside me is Hyarion
Hyarion has quit (Ping timeout)
flappie: whahaha
Orcslicer: XD
Orcslicer: Hyarion's done a runner then
Nagathi: he got sucked into my non-responsive database

+Loran: The Dice Gods want worship!
Hyarion sacrifices a Nagathi to the dice gods!
daencekin: yay, one less wood elf!
Nagathi: !pwn daencekin Blasphemy!
-!- daencekin was kicked from #Albion by ChanServ [(Nagathi) Blasphemy!]
-!- daencekin [] has joined #Albion
-!- mode/#Albion [+v daencekin] by ChanServ
daencekin: bah!
daencekin: Save a tree! wipe your arse with a wood elf!

Fenrir is listening to All that she wants by Ace of Base from Absolute reggae classics
Hyarion: how did Ace of Base make it onto a *reggae* album?
Mag-Home4Lunch: Pegasus Knights.
Typo: ^^ damned RAF...

Fenrir: Would love to see a part of the USA someday
Fenrir: And then kick the living shit out of Elileth

Loran fires a Ctulhu at Hyarion and Loki17 from the 'special' catapult
Loran: You has tentacle monster
Loran: :D
Linda: tentacoo wape!!!
Hyarion cuts off Loran's tentacles
Loran: Hey, I'm not the tentacle
Loran: monster
Loran: ...
Hyarion: lol
Loran: Shit
Hyarion: :D

flappie: A1-Lethalis I know but I am just too enthousiasted

Groltag: soccer? isn't that a milkshake!
Hyarion: no, but it does bring all the boys to the yard...

Voodoomaster had pizza last night
EricJ: Or perhaps brainf*ck.

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