Albion Chat Quotes

SenorNeekers: I urinate in the wounds of my enemies.

Alrik adds diarrhea inducing confectionary to his list of appropriate ways of settling grudges

Hyarion: i'd take a math major with a philosophy minor
Hyarion: and a side of fries

Galord: whats MR?
Orcslicer: magic resistance
Hyarion: magic resistance
CC: Magic resistence
Jimmy-Two-Shoes: magic resistance
danceman: magic resistance!
Galord: again whats MR?

Inreoh: that Spybot SD thing deleted some virus that apparently is holding my internet together and it took 5 hours for me to fix it
Hyarion: Inreoh, is the virus called Internet Explorer?

AoA: !8 If you mate with Eldy, will it result in botlings?
ChanServ: AoA: If the prophets will it.

Illidan|the_sandwichman: Hyarion, yeah I know... I can't tell male from female
Hyarion: Illidan, if that's the case, you have a 50/50 chance of getting a nasty surprise on your wedding night...

Aryel: If hitting with a large trout doesn't say "I love you" I dont know what does...

Typo: what are you up to now, Inreoh?
Hyarion: trying to figure out how to write code on his own
Typo: so we have an evening off?

Orcslicer prepares his me-time hand

Fenrir: LGMD you can eat my shorts...
Sirist: Leth said I could. I can't figure out how.

*** ChanServ has changed the topic on channel #Albion to Welcome to the Tavern of Albion! | Join Nag in his crusade against bad connections!.
*** DeMysteriis has signed off IRC (Ping timeout).

darkprincess: LordoftheNight: the beautiful thing about my fluff is that it not only explains all about the old ones and their technology, but also links everything together in a neat and tidy way, joining the dots not only between 40K and fantasy, but also linking effectively with real-life mythology too - it's a principle that I call CUTE
darkprincess: (Caroline's Unified Theory of Everything)

Inreoh: Falahk, i dont like my penis, its an ugly son of a gun :D

DanJS: Eldarion, are you the illegitimate son of Eldacar and Anarion?

darkprincess: OMG the new gobbo fanatics have MASSIVE balls!

Tzeentch sets mode: +o Nurgle
Tzeentch sets mode: +o Khorne
Tzeentch sets mode: +o Slaanesh

Silas: as in, I hold them in my hand, drool, cum a lot, that kinda thing...

Nagathi gives Hyarion a looong and most pleasureable round with the infamous Dildo of Swift Penetration
Heptzul shakes his head in despair.
HowardMoon: This chat room contains too much sodomy
HowardMoon Quit (Quit: Returned to the Šther of Ulthuan)

Eldacar: My mildly inebriated state does not sit well with the current H&A/ switch.
Eldacar goes to get some tequila shots.
Lordy: How much have you been drinking Eldy?
Eldacar: Lordy: A bottle of red wine and... four tequila shots, about to down the 5th
Eldacar: I'm still good.
Cenyu: Tequila - have you hugged your toilet today?
Eldacar: :(
Eldacar: Bottle's almost empty, Cen.
Eldacar: Only got about two and a half to three shots left.
Eldacar: But less about my drinking. Go back to campaign talky.
Eldacar: QWIhcha objkecitive?

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