Albion Chat Quotes

LGMD: DanJS, are you volunteering
DanJS: For sex?

Madeline: Busyness is overrated :D
Hyarion: quite
Hyarion: sorta like pants
Madeline: YEAH!

Inreoh: This hot dog has been on my plate for a full minute and has yet to cut itself
Hyarion: Inreoh, congrats, you don't have an emo hotdog

CC: I thought we only talked about sex, religion and slapping each other
AoA: We talk about religion?

Guildenstern: are you familiar with LaTeX?
Eldacar: They use it in condoms.
Eldacar: Why?
Aryel: it's that a proposition ?
Aryel: at least invite me up for a drink first :P
Guildenstern: I wrote LaTeX not latex
Eldacar: This is Albion, Guildy. You need to be more specific than just capitalisation.

Mel|Cold: I'm not naked while chatting -_-
Mel|Cold: (usually)

LGMD: well, it's just us two in here
LGMD: and i like you but not in a gay way

Madeline: Alright - I'm gonna put it to rest
Madeline: *covers head*
Madeline: Alright - it varies a little - but when you're playing sports
Madeline: Do you ever lick your upper lip and have that sweaty taste?
Madeline: And most of you guys don't wash nearly as well as you need!
LGMD: Madeline: Do you ever lick your upper lip and have that sweaty taste? <-- So yours taste like sweat?
Madeline: *puts on mask and runs off into the night*

Kiyohira: ...I think this is the most homoerotic chatroom I've ever been in.
Eldacar: Kiyo: No.
Eldacar: This is just the aftermath of LGMD.
Kiyohira: And that's saying something

LordoftheNight: Sirist: Sex, or Mountain Dew?
Sirist: Lord: Sex. Mountain Dew just makes you pee. All the time.

Sirist: AoA: Goats are evil. They should not be. They have SQUARE PUPILS!
Sirist: Same with sheep.
Sirist: Sheep are abominations of nature.
ConfusedCounselor: square pupils?
Sirist: Yes!

Nagathi is pr0n-free, for the moment
Sirist could fix that.
Nagathi: ^^
Sirist wonders why she changed from her pr0n to Fellowship of the Rings, and what that says about her as a person.

CC: but it is to bloody big to hold so it has got to be good :P
Lethalis: CC; ahh, so size does matter :P
AoA: Duh.
CC: never said it didn't
Eldacar: Lenny: When did it not?
CC: although some things might be nice to be holdable

CC: life must suck as a pokemon
CC: one moment you are happily skitting along, calling out your own name in varies tones, next thing you know, some assholes starts throwing balls at you
CC: before you know it, you live in 10 cm3 ball
AoA: ...Damn.
CC: to make matters worse, once in a while the asshole wants you to fight against other poor fellows
AoA: I forgot you need to survive to get Experience.
CC: ...
CC: Usually, I find being dead doesn't improve my skills, no
Eldacar: CC: Well, you don't need to live in a ball if you happen to be practically the SINGLE creature in the ENTIRE WORLD who likes staying out...
CC: but then you are small and yellow
Eldacar: CC: Yes, that is its own disadvantage, I agree.
Eldacar: You're like a very energetic Furbie.

DanJS: GW really has managed to make Chaos really bland.
DanJS: Chaos 1500pts
DanJS: 2 Dp w/ Wings, MoN & Nurgle's Rot 330pts
DanJS: 6*5 PM w/ 2 Plasma 870pts
DanJS: 2 Defilers w/ 4 DCCHW 300pts
DanJS: :P
Archetype-: Hmph.
Archetype-: It's no match for my list.
DanJS: What's your list?
Archetype-: 1* brick - free
DanJS: Rofl.
Archetype-: Lift, drop, repeat. :P

AoA: Hmm, I think Pikachu would be tasty.
AoA: It looks lemon-flavoured.
CC: mmm, really small steaks
Eldacar: Probably tastes like rabbit.
Lethalis: ... when people are talking about eating pokemon, you know it's time for sanity's sake to leave
Eldacar: The fact that sodomy, buttsecks and other perverted fantasies are quite fine according to the regulars in here, but what various Pokemon would taste like when eaten is "weird"
CC: Perhaps they would be more comfortable with pokemon sex?
Hyarion thinks discussing the taste of various pokemon is quite normal
Eldacar: CC: Perhaps.
Eldacar: Care to start the discussion?
CC: right: most kinky pokemon?

Falahk: now....where is nagi?
Amon_Chakai: raving?
AoA: Sweden?
Aryel: He's in my pants!
Aryel: get out of there!
Aryel: not there, not... ok... a little to the left... yummy...
Amon_Chakai: o_0

DanJS: Adam posts more then a baboon has sex

AoA: Oh, and Steelix is kinkier than Onix. It's a cold, metal version with spiked protrusions all over it. :P
AoA is showing his ridiculous amount of pokemon knowledge.
CC: Onix is softporn, steelix is not
Eldacar: ...I think this particular listing of Pokemon has been exhausted.
AoA: And I think Steelix wins.
CC: I hope so
Eldacar: AoA: Either Steelix or Bulbasaur
AoA: Depends on what you're into, I guess. :P

Madeline: And now my knees are gone... so that takes one more job opportunity away
Ferretsnarf: O.o
LGMD: blow jobs?
LGMD had to say it
Madeline: *puff of cigarette* It's up to your imagination
LordoftheNight: Just lie there - you don't need knees.
Madeline: lol

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