Albion Chat Quotes

Prince_Elileth: that's because porn is like water
Prince_Elileth: everyone needs it
Aryel is thirsty...
Aryel: brb...

Voodoomaster: cya later people
Voodoomaster has quit IRC (Quit: FOR JUN)
Tijminator: Bye Voovoo
Hyarion: voovoo?
Hyarion: sounds like a bad pornstar name
Tijminator: Maybe he is..

Aryel: so voodoo, what kind of letter you had that is in spanish? if may I ask?
Aryel: you got lucky with a spanish señorita? ;)
Prince_Elileth: well Narmo is very effeminate...
Hyarion: lol
Aryel: I would call that "lucky"

Hyarion thinks the French language was an accident invented by a madman imitating a duck

Orcslicer: Hey there stud, you can call me Susan :wink:
Hyarion: !topic Orcslicer's new name is Susan
*** ChanServ has changed the topic on channel #Albion to Welcome to the Tavern of Albion! | Orcslicer's new name is Susan.
Orcslicer: Fuck

Tethlis: I thought of sex as like pizza: when it's good, it's REALLY good, and when it's bad, it's still pretty good.

moonshade_ slaps NightKnight around a bit with a large trout
NightKnight: I wanna hear :P
NightKnight slaps moonshade_ around a bit with a large trout
moonshade_: No'se!
moonshade_: HEY! Female Abuse!
moonshade_ is suing NightKnight
moonshade_ takes it to court!
moonshade_: Be afraid, be VERY AFRAID! She shouts!
NightKnight: But if you do it to me it's okay? :P
moonshade_: Yeah, you're not Really a female NightKnight ;)
NightKnight: More female than you ;)

NightKnight: I'm not gay, just sometimes giving in to my girly sides :P
moonshade_: Oh, is that what you chose to call it.
NightKnight: I'm not in the damn closet :P
moonshade_: Well, first step is called: 'Denial' for a reason!
NightKnight: Lol

Nagathi: Lethalis; Just look down your salt can/jug/cup/whatever
Lethalis: Nagi; that had better not be an euphenism
Hyarion looks at Leth's salt can/jug/cup/whatever
Hyarion isn't impressed
Lethalis: ...
Lethalis: Hyarion; that's because you don't turn me on .

Anon386: Provided you cock the weapon and load your magazine correctly you will have no problems.
Anon386: Oh dear. A mine field of innuendoes.

Andruillius: My girlfriend is quite good with three balls, knows some different techniques, but I can't even do two. Not at all.

Mhorne: cya later
Arq: Seya.
Arq: DeMysteriis: now it is your duty to amuse me.
Arq: Fail.

Thagdarf: Uhm, I don't know WHY Orcs can't be Vamps, but I'm fairly certain Eldy said they couldn't
Sirist: Thag: I'm fairly certain Eldy said they couldn't because he woke up with sand in his vagina.

Archetype-: We're geeks and nerds, we don't do 'socially acceptable'.

Elileth: if my Xbox 360 had larger holes I wouldn't need a girlfriend

Aryel steals Nagi's pants...
Aryel: run free little buddy!
Aryel: now, wave to the audience...
Aryel: good boy!

Nagathi: VC was December 2007, then moved to Spring 2008
Nagathi: I don't know if Druchii are after that
Hyarion: Nagi, it's DE or Skaven
Sirist: It had best be DE.
Sirist: Or I will shit a chicken.

ConfusedCounselor: the amount of idiotic info you guys manage to share in the ten minutes I was doing something usefull is simply amazing
Hyarion: CC, what can i say? it's a gift....
Illidan: CC, it's amazing isn't it? ;)
ConfusedCounselor: in that case you are all well endowed
Sirist: xD

Hyarion: spited -> spitten?
Eldacar: spitten -> spit on?
ConfusedCounselor: spit on --> sex?

Inreoh: i wouldnt want to be stuck in an empty room with Dan
Leth: Inreoh; it wouldn't be empty, you'd have LGMD for company
Leth: ... and that came out wrong
Leth: ok, rephrase: it would just be you, Dan and LGMD in one room
Leth: no wait
Inreoh: ok Leth, keep your fantasies to yourself plz

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