Albion Chat Quotes

Lethalis: gawd, you're all such geeks
Eldacar: Except for me.
Eldacar: <_<
Lethalis: indeed
Orcslicer: Who is a bot
Orcslicer has quit (Quit: run)

AoA doesn't need girls anyway, he has Len ;)
AoA: You're still my favourite sexual fantasy around here, Len.

uruthi: is Lioness hot? it's a chic right?
Thagdarf: She is a violent slaanesh dark elf that enjoy canibalism (if it can be called that when dark elf eats humans)
Illidan: so basically, yeah, she’s hot ;)

Orcslicer grabs his crotch rap-style
AoA grabs Orcslicer's crotch rap-style.
AoA: Or is that just homoerotic style?
Hyarion votes for the latter
AoA: Yay! Homoeroticism!
Lethalis: who cares anyway, it means you're hitting on someone else than me :P
Hyarion: it's also referred to as Albion-style!

Ferretsnarf: something tells me aenarion likes Alice In Chains
LordoftheNight: I think he'd like any girl in chains you know - doesn't have to be Alice
Ferretsnarf: lol
aenarion: :D
Ferretsnarf: actually
Ferretsnarf: Alice is my grandma's name...
Ferretsnarf: >_<
LordoftheNight: :P
aenarion shudders in horror
Ferretsnarf: something tells me I will have to kick aenarion's ass if he wants Alice in chains...

Aryel is conidering a boobs implant, going to to live in mountain and become a hermit
Ferretsnarf: okay then
Aryel: it's a flawless plan
AoA grabs Aryel's boobs.
AoA: Yeah, too small.

AoA: Hyarion, what gives you the impression I hang onto people's boobs for dear life?
Lioness: because you know that you're unlikely to see any again?
Hyarion: AoA, you hang out here, that's all i need to know

Eldacar hits Hyarion with a rather large and heavy steel chair
Eldacar: Make sense!
Hyarion flings an extremely irate water buffalo at Eldacar from the 'special' catapult...
Hyarion: No!
Eldacar hits Hyarion with a shovel
Eldacar: Yes!
Hyarion pokes Eldacar in the neck with a mildly seasoned ('secret' recipe) chicken wing...
Hyarion: No!
Eldacar cuffs Hyarion upside the back of the head.
Eldacar: Yes!
Hyarion beats Eldacar about the ankles with a slightly used deep sea herring...
Hyarion: No!
Eldacar slaps Hyarion around a bit with a larger trout.
Eldacar: Yes!
Hyarion tapes Eldacar to Aryel's chimichanga
Hyarion: No!
Eldacar hits Hyarion with a whale.
Eldacar: Yes!
Hyarion turns Eldacar into an animated kids show
Hyarion: No!
Eldacar sics a Drop Bear on Hyarion.
Eldacar: Yes!
Hyarion forces Eldacar to dress up as a NG Fanatic
Hyarion: No!
Eldacar throws Hyarion to the sharks.
Eldacar: Yes!
Hyarion watches Eldacar get wrapped in bacon and eaten by a goose
Hyarion: No!
Eldacar sends Hyarion for retraining in DP's boot camp.
Eldacar: Yes!
Hyarion sprinkles okra on Eldacar
Hyarion: No!
Eldacar gives Hyarion over to the mercies (or lack thereof) of Lethalis.
Eldacar: Yes!
Hyarion puts a fishbowl on Eldacar's head
Hyarion: No!
Eldacar dunks Hyarion in a fishtank.
Eldacar: Yes!
Hyarion casts Eldacar in every role in a reproduction of "The Sound of Music"
Hyarion: No!
Hyarion was kicked by ChanServ ((Eldacar) Yes, yes, yes! (and that last one was just nasty))

AoA: It's three letters! Just type it!
LGMD: tit?
Orcslicer: yes please
Orcslicer: but not yours

Nagathi: Orcy is stupid
Orcslicer: I sense Nag is trying to insult my intelligence

Aryel: ok, time to hunting for the lunch... here, kitty kitty kitty... come to daddy...
Aryel is now known as Ary|AWAY
Orcslicer: ...
Orcslicer: he's not gone to eat his cat has he?
Orcslicer: Argentinians are wierd
Hyarion: you never quite know with Aryel, do you?

Archetype-: This is what I get for being quiet.
Archetype-: Disconnected.
Archetype-: I'm a fucking American.
Archetype-: I should have no trouble being loud and obnoxious!

Hyarion sends AoA to the closet for some 'alone time' with the MURWYRM
MoS: Hyarion, it's MERWURM!
Eldacar: Hyarion: You spelt it wrong.
Lethalis: Ben; ... you chat noob
Eldacar: You FAIL as an op!
Hyarion: :(

Varkin gives Nimi a very large injection

Eldacar: Nimi: use /me
Nagathi: use /me
Lethalis: Eldy and Nagi are just horny
Nimi uses Eldacar

Aryel rubs his oiled naked body against Bob_of_Yvresse
Bob_of_Yvresse: A little aroused, but still bored Aryel.
Bob_of_Yvresse: Only slightly though
Bob_of_Yvresse: He's not *that* hot
Aryel: I beg to differ... I ar teh hotests...
Bob_of_Yvresse: Could have fooled me

Bob_of_Yvresse: Bunnies for the Bunny God, Avatars for the throne of Bob

Loki17: Sirist: You can trust me ;)
Sirist: Loki: I will not have sex with you!

Aryel: dammit! I'm not a little mermaid!

Orcslicer steals the lower part of Illy's body
Orcslicer: Mwahaha
Illidan|the_sandwichman: No! now my right hand has lost almost all it's use...

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