Albion Chat Quotes

Eldacar: I'm not a pedo.
Eldacar eyes Aryel.
Eldacar: That one, however...
Eldacar: I'm not so sure about.
Aryel is innocent!

Hyarion: Webster's dictionary defines Aryel to be an incredibly aged and decrepit person with serious mental delusions and an inability to form proper english sentences.
Aryel: hey! I'm not decrepit!

Waaagh: Aryel not a she?
NightKnight: Waaagh, nope
Waaagh: Waaagh thought Aryel was a she
Nagathi: she is
Aryel: I am?

NightKnight: Tonight, on Albion:
NightKnight: Aryel discovers that Nagi is his master, while Nagi's feelings for Loran become more and more apparent. Meanwhile, Fenrir tries to get over his crush on Uther

Aryel: Nagsi, I can name 3 pokemon!
Aryel: Pikachu
Aryel: Bulbazaur
Aryel: and Hyarion

Illidan|the_sandwichman: And I can't blame everything on my Dutch heritage right?
Illidan|the_sandwichman: Or can I? :P
Hyarion: yes, you can
Loran: Yes you can
Kiyohira: Well, for everything else, there's Elileth.

Kiyohira: Now can we stop discussing my periods?

Araveil: England. Maybe its just an english thong then :)
Araveil: thing*
Araveil: i meant thing lol

Satan is now known as Orcslicer
Nagathi: Working undercover?

Hyarion: Aryel, I think you just have a general obsession with eating hot oiled things
Aryel: Begone! foul Freudian!

Eldacar: Off to Ned.
Tigress: Eldacar likes his Ned.

Ferretsnarf: HAH, but you aren't anymore, so you can't hurt me :D
Hyarion: retribution in
Hyarion: 3
Hyarion: 2
Hyarion: 1
Ferretsnarf: and nothing happens:D
Nagathi: !pwn Ferretsnarf
Ferretsnarf was kicked by ChanServ ((Nagathi) Bye.)

Eldacar: Nagathi isn't exactly evidence of an exemplary taste...
LGMD: Eldacar, I wasn't conscious!
Eldacar: Your fault for falling for the old "can you smell this" trick.

Hyarion: Illidan, i just hinted that you dutchii are the cause of being down
Illidan|the_sandwichman: ...
Illidan|the_sandwichman: Now why would I want to do that?
Hyarion: because you're jealous of Eldacar's e-penis?
Illidan|the_sandwichman: I couldn't care less about e-penises.
Hyarion: because they were stealin' yah bucket!
Illidan|the_sandwichman: That was Lathian and I'll get my revenge on it.

Cenyu: Rename Voodoomaster to Vodkamaster.

Hyarion: is this like pokemon "Pikachu, I choose you!" but instead "Dutchii, I blame you!"
Cenyu: Gotta blame them all?


EricJ: I'm a pretty good sucker myself

Orcslicer is grammar nazi-ing again
Fenrir kicks the nazi in the balls
Orcslicer: Fenrir; Nazi's don't have balls
Orcslicer: commonly known fact
Orcslicer: wait....
Orcslicer: shit
Orcslicer: ignore that
Orcslicer: i just pwnd myself

Rork: Geoffrey is the sort of name I associate with public school buggery...
Tigress: Rork: you were buggered by a public schoolboy named Geoffrey?

Hyarion: Battlefield Ass, sounds like Aryel on thursday nights
Aryel: Friday.
Aryel: on thursday I beat old ladies with a spiked club.

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