Albion Chat Quotes

Aryel: Chavez wants to ban miniskirts, thongs bathing suits, tight pants and some others "indecents clothes"...
Hyarion: Aryel, so what you're saying is that you need a totally new Wardrobe

Voodoomaster: peter
Voodoomaster: you have a go ahead from my father
Nagathi: Do I sense a marriage approaching?
Voodoomaster: expect a reply back by saturday
Voodoomaster: oh you utter bastard

Alrik: voovoomaster :p
Alrik: sounds like a pornstar

Nagathi: Elileth + VooVooMistress = true

Hyarion: Ferretsnarf, because you're not a quadruped with two names and 2 adjectives
Hyarion: and you're not livestock
Ferretsnarf: I am a quadruped
Ferretsnarf: you can milk ferrets
Tijminator: O.o
Hyarion: o.O
Tijminator: O.O
Hyarion: o.O
Ferretsnarf: now fling me

Thagdarf: It is human to err, so I have to be the greatest human ever.

Edibles_Doood can't find the ole joystick
Edibles_Doood: Noes!
Edibles_Doood thinks that Thag is a little too interested in Edibles_Doood's Joystick
Thagdarf: I should get a girl in this house so she could keep track of where my joystick is in all this chaos
Edibles_Doood likes the feel of his joystick...
Edibles_Doood: Like it's made to fit my hand...

Aenarion: FERRETSNARFY!!!!!!!!!!
Aenarion: wow exactly the same length
Ferretsnarf: LENGTH BUDDY!
Ferretsnarf does a direct comparison of length
Aenarion: LENGTH BUDDY!!!
Aenarion: dam
Aenarion: one short
Ferretsnarf: nope, mine is longer
Aenarion: oops
Aenarion: +1
Aenarion: !

Illidan|the_sandwichman: Power to the people! We can't be opressed! We got the power!
Illidan|the_sandwichman: I have the power over everything concerning me and I'm no ones slave!
Nagathi: Wait until you get a girlfriend
Nagathi: she'll disagree
Aryel: :D
Aryel: hahaha... so true...
Aryel: :'(

Larving: he's a simple man with a simple taste
BDylan: Larving. I don't know what you're talking about.
BDylan: I'm not a simple man.
BDylan: I just like it dirrrty.
BDylan: So keep your opinion to yourself please.

EricJ: So.. Like.. There's the light, the dark and.. the kinky side of the force?

Eldacar: Ribbit.
danceman: toad!
Eldacar: Frog, actually.
danceman: sorry sir
danceman: :>
Eldacar: Wait. I just implied that I'm French.
Eldacar: Damnit.

ChanServ changes topic to 'Welcome to the Tavern of Albion! | Aryel is conidering a boobs implant, going to to live in mountain and become a hermit |'
Sir_Gilles: whoa
Sir_Gilles: so this is when Hy and Eldy are on
Hyarion is innocent of all crimes
Eldacar is innocent of all crimes

CC: ceilingwalks
AoA: That's not what Ceiling Cat is.
AoA: Ceiling Cat watches you masturbate.
CC: I don't do that
CC: not with guys, anyhow

Lethalis: Charlie; ah well, you never know - I may get my powers back someday
Lethalis scrabbles something in his book of grudges
LGMD: lol
Eldacar is standing by with the "op Lethalis" command.
Lethalis: >=]
Nagathi: is standing by with the !clvl Lethalis 400 command
LGMD: ...
Hyarion: is standing by with the !pwn LGMD command
Lethalis: the table has turned, darkness!

Prince_Elileth: you can pretty much get any chick with a pulse

ChanServ sets mode: +o LGMD
Illidan|the_sandwichman: o.O
LGMD: !kick Lethalis
Illidan|the_sandwichman: LGMD OP!
Illidan|the_sandwichman: XD
LGMD: that's not fair
LGMD: buggery
Nagathi: :p
Lethalis slaps LGMD around a bit with a large trout
LGMD: haha
Illidan|the_sandwichman: :P
Eldacar sets mode: +o Lethalis
LGMD: damn :(
Eldacar: Show 'im how it's done!
LGMD was kicked by Lethalis (booya)

Prince_Elileth: fenrir wanked in a school bathroom???
NoOoDLe: Elileth, Yes...
Prince_Elileth: did he also look at porn in a school computer lab?
NoOoDLe: Yes
Prince_Elileth: ok someone needs to get that kid laid like now. I don't care if it's a chick, a blow up doll, hell it can be an unconcious hobo just do it

Eldy|Away: know, kicking LGMD is somehow much more satisfying than kicking anybody else.
Eldy|Away: Bar Illidan.
Eldy|Away: Maybe.
LGMD: Nah, it is
Hyarion: lol
Hyarion: !k LGMD testing
LGMD was kicked by ChanServ ((Hyarion) testing)
LGMD has joined #Albion
ChanServ sets mode: +v LGMD
Hyarion: yeah, it is
LGMD: i hope this isnt quoted for future ops...
LGMD: shit...

Aryel is a very respectable member of this community...

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