Other Chat Quotes

Quotes hall of Fame - A list f fun quotes gathered from our previous channels as well as channels monitored by Silas. Kudos to him for complting this list of quotes.

Loki17 is now known as Dinner
Dinner: bbl
darkprincess: getting a cup of tea - brb
Rork bickers with Lioness.
Rork likes his Dinner raw.
Rork eats his Dinner.
Eldacar: You're eating Loki.
Eldacar: That's either cannibalistic or very, very disturbing...
Rork was considering sausage for Dinner.
Eldacar: Yep. Definitely disturbing. And very Slaaneshi.
Rork would prefer a nice breast, though.
Eldacar: My head is on the verge of detonation from all the innuendo flying around. :(

Fritz wisps: wishes the money system was universal
Berke wisps: Kind of like the Euro.
Berke wisps: But since we're on the Disc, it'd be the...Disco.

(Thieves) Serenity wisps: An astonishingly large number of large, muscled, sexy people play this game!

Teri: sure....nothing like being spanked repeatedly by a geriatric monk with a giant wooden paddle while trying to paint a handful of Halflings.

Silas hates Cheese Fu
Rork thinks Silas prefers Curry-te

Jekkakhan: I like big toast
Rork: But do you have a big toaster?
Rork asks the pertinent questions
Jekkakhan: I have a huge toaster

(Priests): Milly wisps: we dont rust, we're covered in vaseline.
(Priests): Spank wisps: Pishe, goddess of vaseline?
(Priests): Stigwald wisps: I thought that was another god's position?
(Priests): Stigwald wisps: Buttsekc, the God of Vaseline?

darkprincess: Silas: I'm happy to do what needs to be done with Kate

Arq|broken: Rork: why are you painting with your arse? Surely hands work better?
Rork: Arq|broken: I though my arse, having a larger area, would get the job done faster. All I can say is: More fool me...

Damnation: I aim to please James
Damnation: (thank god darkprincess didn't read that)

Loki17: I hate having to trim my mom's lawn

Loki17: Silas: Can I buy Kuffy?
Eldacar: Don't see why you'd want to...
Eldacar: You couldn't GIVE Kuffy away, much less sell him

Mornedhel brandishes his cutlass
Mornedhel: ARRRRR, GRANNY!

Eldacar; Oh crap...don't quote that, please.
Mornedhel; he already quoted me saying that...
Silas grins
Eldacar swears.

darkprincess: Bastet: you installed anything new (hardware or software) recently?
Rork clicks on "Add/remove double entendre"

Mutation: Silas is like: OH MY GOD! DON'T KILL ME!
Mutation: I HAVE ORKS TO FEED!!!

Silas snugglyhugs Linda
Linda returns the snugglyhugs with fullbodynekkidpouncefollowedbyalongcuddle (TM)

Lethalis: you know, if you allow adultery
Lethalis: then the Big Bang gets a whole new face
Eldacar|Busy: ...
Eldacar|Busy hands Lethalis the "Silas Made Me Think It" badge
Lethalis: "how did mankind came to be?"
Lethalis: "well, for starters there was the Big Bang..."

Rork: Soren: Linda has "ways"
Linda: Yupp
Linda has her ways with Silas

Silas isnt superstitious...
Silas KNOWS that dice need to be pleased

Silas: in special ways
Rork: I'm never picking up your dice.

Hard_Aun: I?m not made of hellos you understand
Dragonkin: Nope... fleshy bits seem more important for sustaining life.

Silas: What do you do?
Dorei: I sell personal physical services.
Silas: Ah?What kind of personal physical services?
Dorei: I rent my body.

Aneutralshadeofblack: Twig: I don't like the word "git." It distracts people from my true essency metaphysical thinger self.

Lethalis: o_____________O
Silas: what? :P
Lethalis: .... never mind
Silas: Oh, like you hadn?t thought it ;)
Lethalis: let us not speak of that again, m'kay?
Silas: Yes Master

Silas: while I'm playing ol' fashion armourer, and making some leather armour
Lethalis: kinky
Silas: fool. Battle armour!
Silas: well, tomorrow it'll be arm guards. Vambraces I'm making
Lethalis: when they said that love is war, they didn't assume you were going to take it that far

Cenyu: Being Silas is not exactly an exact science I guess.

Cenyu whips the audience
Cenyu: Produce funny quotes! 5 per minute! You there! Make a humorous remark about the other guy in the corner
Mornedhel whips Cenyu with the audience.

Alithwar: Damned Slaanesh people. When you give a finger, the hand goes.

calapine: he's like Britney Spears on crack

Silas licks the new comers
Liger: Silas3000 - the auto cleanerbot for when a mess is made by newcomers in the chat

Silas; I dont have to chose. I have them all. Its like one big party.
Yeah, a party that I deliberately choose to turn down the invitations to
but keep getting dragged to anyways?
Since when? That's my stunt double that you've been dragging along
poor stunt double
that stunt double must come back rather salivated each time
Lenny, it isn't my fault if he fizzles out halfway through. He only costs me $10 a month
I do it for 8 :D
Yes, but we know you're a cheap one anyway
Eldy; we were talking in grands, no?
Nope. $10 is $10
damn, where'd you get one that cheap?
it's me
... Yahveh beat me to it
that's how it's so cheap

Cenyu: "When Silas jumps onto men it's not because he's gay, it's because he ran out of women"

Kira: Unfortunately?you may have to kiss Lethalis's arse.
Liger: Ah...ok...
Silas: I wouldn?t kiss his arse. Its hairy.
Liger gets down low and kisses Lethalis' arse

Arq; you missed an amazing conversation, the likes of which shall never be seen again
Darmort; There was action! There was drama! There was one thousand elephants!
Arq; and three gophers, with pitchforks
Darmort; And a whale

Tarbo: Hmmm... Silas... Oh baby, I like it... Tarbo wakes up in sweat.
Spire stares in horror

Tarbo: ...Take me out back and shoot me.
Eldacar: ...
Tarbo: Please!

Linda nibbles on Silas
Silas: hey, I'm not THAT edible!

Darmort: You see, what we do is gather in a council room and discuss what we're going to say to amuse James, and if James thinks it's funny, it becomes a Chat Quote, and we're doing these things in two separate Chat Rooms

Lethalis: vt relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaxed
Silas shoves Lethalis into the MERWURM's Cupboard
Lethalis: vt relaaaaaa....aaaah!

Iraduur: !8ball are you going to marry Darmort anytime soon?
ChanServ: Iraduur: Sure. Yeah. Exactly.

Prince_Cal: enjoy Linda
Morn: please, people, notice how there isn?t a comma between "enjoy" and "Linda", thus completely altering the two words combined meaning
Linda: and no one took advantage
Morn: intention? A Freudian slip? We?ll never know.

Silas: marry me?
Kuffy: YES!!
Prince_Cal: O_O
Kuffy: What?
Kuffy: Do not say you would not? You know you would.
Prince_Cal: I would
Kuffy: Well then.
Prince_Cal is jealous of Kuffy
Kuffy: Of course you are

Orthar is a sick, depraved girl that never gets enough...
Voodoomaster: BATTERIES

Silas considers
Silas: is this Chat a cult...?
Lioness: yes
Darmort: Yeah. A Cult of Chat Denizens
Lioness: we wear robes and nothing under them

Mornedhel: use /me

Rork indicates to fazz that he has dropped something.
fazz bends over to pick it up like a good boy
Prince_Cal advises against bending over in the chat
Rork sets mode: +sodomized on fazz

Prince_Cal loves dragons and spends a lot of time riding one

Orthar can't talk at all, if anyone finds a lost voice please send it to me
Mornedhel: would a fine baritone voice suit you?
Orthar: only if I squeeze the owner?s balls.

Eldacar has joined #dnetchat
Silas humps Eldacar

Silas: ER...
Rork: O_O
Silas: I meant hugs!! HUGS DAMNIT!!!
Eldacar hits Silas with a chair
Rork: Silas: Now there's a Freudian slip...

Lloyba: the shag adds extra coolness to that army

Arq: Silas: *poke*
Orthar: Arq: poking Silas can lead to embarrassing shower room incidents!


Lioness: true but I like the dice in my hand

Grudgebearer is worried about bear buggering now...

Ansob: DM: that idiot posted the Khaine is Khorned argument on an elven website.
Lethalis: Khaine is Khorned?
Ansob: LSU: uh-huh.
Ansob: Khorned beef.

Darkprincess is wondering what sort of head to give her Dominatrix...

Kelorion; arghh!!! I cannot get rid of it!

<--Infection has left irc.gamesurge.net (*.net *.split)|
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Lethalis: we're hit!
Lethalis: curse the GameSurge sniper

Shaargor: Hey all
Shaargor: I have a question
Grudgebearer: No, I'm not your father. Twas just a fling.
Grudgebearer: *ahem*

Goblit; i wish i was Danish
Darmort; I wish I was good with girls
Goblit; rubs the magic lamp
Goblit; oww! it's hot!
Darmort; must be my wish then

AuricStormcloud; OI OI OI
Silas; OGGY!
AuricStormcloud; OI
Silas; OGGY!
AuricStormcloud; OI!
AuricStormcloud; OI OI OI!
Rork; Content really has got that bad, eh?

Darmort: Because I want pink bikinis to give a 3+ armour save, okay?

Infection; i have a problem
Lethalis; we all have
Infection; yeah but mines fixable

Ricold sets mode +o on Nebulas
Ricold; Cal: See what patience and friendship of the ops gets you?
Nebulas; Cal's not here...
Ricold; so? I can still rub it in

Speight: Spit it Out, Slipknot
Speight: I have a confession, I am a metal head
Goblit taps on Speight's head
Goblit: yep he's not lying

Rork: Silas isn't the sort of person I would throw myself at.
Silas: Nah, he prefers Nagathi...
Rork: Swedish is good, just with slightly different physical attributes

Rork: I control the dice! I am their master! They must...obey...meee!

Lethalis: Dice are evil
Lethalis: pure evil
Rork: Dice just roll with it

Auric Stormcloud: Then again, I was acting like an ass too
Silas: I thought you were playing Risk, not acting out A Midsummer Nights Dream...

Lethalis: nite all
Lethalis: *sneakies off*
System Msg: Lethalis logged out on Sun Jan 16, 2005 2:08 am
Auric Stormcloud: That was sneaky!
Rork: He'll be back to mock, he usually does...
System Msg: Lethalis has joined chat on Sun Jan 16, 2005 2:09 am
Lethalis: Neil; I do not
System Msg: Lethalis logged out on Sun Jan 16, 2005 2:10 am

Silas: Neil; she's short...but not that short!
Rork: James: The surprises of people not being small pieces of text

Silas: some of the bloodbowl cheerleaders give me nightmares!

System Msg: King Ulrik Flamebeard joined chat on Sun Jan 16, 2005 1:17 pm
King Ulrik Flamebeard: *pulls silas' hair*
Silas: *puts pink ribbons in Ulrik's beard*

King Ulrik Flamebeard: *Puts pink ribbons in Silas' hair*
Silas: *grins and show's off his lovely nw ribbons*

King Ulrik Flamebeard: *Jumps into hot tub and begins to loose hair from his beard*

Silas: *debugs Lethalis*

Andruillius: *watches Lethalis become a goat*

Rork: I'll ask DP if she is "odd"?
Dragonkin: Rork: She has to be, there's only one of her.

King Ulrik Flamebeard: *Grabs Leth and forces him onto the dance floor*

Lethalis: James; quit fooling around and poke the guy

Linda Lobsta Defenda: then just because she?s never done it before she streaks across the room

ryZeA: i just read the quotes thread and thought I?d join
Dragonkin: Sorry, we're not doing funny tonight. Tonight we discuss the socio-economic situation in Zimbabwe.

Dragonkin: DP: Not just possible. I didn't grow up with two sisters without learning some manners (and a LOT of diplomacy)...

Enmanuial: I am going to have a serious conversation with the S on my keyboard brb
Enmanuial: the S and i have come to an agreement
Enmanuial: he is going to appear when i type greetings
Enmanuial: if not he will be repainted with warhammer chaos black into a R

Linda Lobsta Defenda: brb going to post
Silas: Linda; sounds dangerous, be careful!

King Ulrik Flamebeard: *Loves pink Ribbons*

Kitrik: lol - you guys are still here?
Silas: kitrik; you havent learnt yet; I live in the chat room

Lethalis: if only I was a mod
Linda Lobsta Defenda: oh?
Linda Lobsta Defenda: feeling like you need some hate messages sent to you claiming your "nazi stalking" them?
Lethalis: I don't remember that was said in the job description of moderator
Linda Lobsta Defenda: hmm must have missed it, LOL

Arquinsiel: Eeeeron: no, the one where they put brain cells on a circuit board with no connections that were connected to a flight simulator. Apparently with sufficient time a rat's brain can learn to fly an f22 in up to hurricane force winds
Rork: Arqy: That's where I've been going wrong then.
Rork: I was connected up to a B-29

Furt_Da_Gobbo: Rock; huge. Mine is anyways...
WiCkEdRock: yeah.
WiCkEdRock: do you ever use it for anything? :P

Jenenius sits on Rork's lap
Rork: Jen: I'm designed for comfort...!

Silas: Isn?t Eltharion simply GW's attempt at cashing in on the film Daredevil?
Dragonkin: Silas: In that case, wouldn't Shadowblade have been a really big black guy?

Lethalis: Erik; I'm willing to snipe others too, depending on the price
Silas: I'll snipe people for free, i need the practice
Linda: "what Druchii.netters do on their spare time...snipers"

Silas: wait...wasn?t Rork typing in red before?
Dragonkin: Silas: He was, but the text coagulated.

Silas hugs Linda
Linda whimpers in pain... hey no touching!!!

Andruillius: I wonder why Settings was on Azeri(Cyrillic)....
Silas: Andruillius, because I?ve eaten your brain :P
Andruillius: Yes, must be the evil brain eating *shakes fist*

Silas hugs Mum
Nagathi hugs Son

Silas: hey Rork, have you died?
Rork: Silas: I am alive!
Dragonkin stops waving the Necronomicon at Rork.

Rork: Can I have an award...? Please? ;)
Silas: Rork; you've been given several forums, isnt that enough?!?
Rork: Silas: May as well do it all at once. I'm impatient like that ;)
Darkprincess: Rork gets the "Hey, Furion, now I am the master" award :)

Linda: power to leth and his furry animals!

Silas wonders when Lethalis is going to become cultured
Lethalis: 'cultured'?
Grudgebearer: You're going to grow him?
Dragonkin: He's bloody well tall enough already.
Dragonkin: Might need trimming.

Ricold remembers an old example of fear and terror all be relative
Dragonkin: Ricold: Yup, a lot of relatives are pretty scary.

Jenenius: hmm, interesting idea there from Moonshade, but I don't think we can perform it virtually, it requires a live cat...

Prince_Cal: I remember when I rolled around on Silas a lot

Nagathi Needs to sleep
Ricold was booted from #WarhammerFantasy by Nagathi (Sleep!)
Nagathi: oops
Nagathi: wrong guy
Nagathi was booted from #WarhammerFantasy by Nagathi (Sleep!)

Dragonkin: Salarath: Any kind of hobby that involved playing with your pocket monsters is a bit suspect...

Grudgebearer: Would it help if I put a skirt on?

Silas: No, this does not mean that your Vacuum Cleaner is an Avatar of Slaanesh.

R-B: Silas is da puppet masta'

R-B sobs
R-B: s-s-omething about...
R-B: sex...
R-B: *Sniff*

Eldacar: Use /me

Lioness: not whips, flail and a variety of sex toys?
Rork: Lioness: It's a bit difficult to get those stuck in a mouse.
Rork: It would be like an indian rope trick...with a whip.

Daeron: mutations do happen... take my third leg for example :P
R-B: Daeron the less known about you're third "leg" the better

NiteRabbit: Rules question.
Lethalis: Rules answer.

AoA: Lordofchange: you want some Rear Propulsion?

Cal wonders how the hell he's become the chat slut

Cal: I'm not getting used by you.

Mornedhel: Heptzul: some ladies actually like being licked. By Silas.
Heptzul: I can't understand why
Arq: Heptzul: well you're not a girl now are you?
Arq: someday you'll lick one and all will become clear.
Heptzul: Arq: My sister is :P

Silas hugs Eldacar
Silas dodges the chair
Eldacar hits Silas with a rather large and heavy steel chair
Eldacar: Hmm
*** ChanServ sets mode +o on Eldacar
Eldacar garrotes Silas with his @ symbol

Eldacar ticks off the "discussion of female" checkbox on his "nightly chat topics" sheet
Silas: playing chat bingo eh?
Eldacar: James: Indeed I am.

AoA: anyway boys, girls and Silas, I had better be going

Silas: Didnt I call you hot before I was drinking?
Rork: Silas: See? That's the threat of passive drinking.

You have walked 5 miles into the desert. You see a group of trees in the distance.
Corvs: Trees! There must be water there!
Silas: It?s just a mirage, ignore it and it?ll go away.
Corvs: It may be, but we need water. Shouldn?t we risk it?
T?rel passes an observation check
T?rel:There?s 2 camels?urgh, that?s gross!
Silas: See? That?s gotta be a mirage!
Corvs: What? They are just in heat. Get it? Heat? Desert?

Silas: what would I want all those dwarves for?
Salarath: to add to the throng of Silas
Salarath: as opposed to the thong of Silas- a disturbing thing best forgotten

Lethalis: woo, my fame spreads
Silas: just don?t let it go to your head
Lethalis: I'm 6'7", it has to go a long way to get to my head

Silas: How about your problems? Any change?
Lethalis: no sorry, my problems don't accept any change
Lethalis: just cash

Liger: Yeh, Mr Arq is a "filthy, filthy lurker"

Twiggy: yeah... i mean who has sex with living people...like EW

Tug: I?m a catholic.
Twits: So, when it feels good, you stop?

Lethalis: Jim; with licking, you're kind of certain that he doesn't go for bedding though
Lethalis: with dancing you never know
Kelorion: Bones, I don't know the way you lick people, but when Silas does it, it does not give me any kind of insurance, he won't go further...
Kelorion: He could at least ask, before he licks...

Xena runs into the room from the east
Xena: There?s a scary ol? badger in there!!
Silas: Dude, you killed Detritus on your own, one on one. Be a man!
Xena grows a dick and some balls and enters the shed

Orthar: it's coming along, surprisingly hard to sculpt a good book!

Silas wanders off to empty the blender
Eldacar: In the context of your usual comments, that was filled with blatant innuendo...
Lethalis: Eldy; you're under the same curse as I am, it would seem :P

Lethalis points to his Silas Made Me Think It badge

Tug: Argh!!! Why is my Halfling flashing?

Death has quit IRC (Quit)
Twiggy: I...felt the presence of death just for a minute there

Eldacar: Reaper: Silas is insane. Work from there
Silas: I'm not insane, I have a certificate to prove it. I'm certifiably sane. I'm just mad...which is actually different ye ken
The_Reaper: ?
Arq is insane. Silas is mad. There's a very important distinction
Eldacar: Oh? What's that?
Silas: Dunno, we can?t tell
The_Reaper: They're different words
Eldacar: Is it that you know you're insane, but Silas doesn't yet?
Arq: No. Mad just means you act differently from everyone else and they find it disturbing.
Arq: Insane means you act the same but only so they don't see what you're planning
The_Reaper: Repent your insanity
Eldacar: So madness is open insanity, while insanity is insanity that nobody sees. Right
Eldacar: (sort of)
Arq: Not quite. Insanity is more dangerous.
The_Reaper: and it's a bigger word
The_Reaper: hence the danger
Eldacar: So if that's the case, then Silas would be half-insane, because he isn't as dangerous as somebody who's completely insane?
The_Reaper: you?re more likely to have a hand cramp writing insane rather than mad
The_Reaper: twice as likely in fact

Yak has been fed
Silas: ...to what?
NightKnight: To me
Ashnari: We had to appease the terrible deity that is NightKnight. Yak disputes these claims of cannibalism

Prince_Cal: apparently Darmort has stolen channy from me and is going to marry her
Prince_Cal: and I?m lumped with Eldacar, great
Prince_Cal: I want a divorce before the ceremony

AoA: what happens to a TK/TPs chariot if the character is killed?
Orthar: becomes a taxi?

Silas: its been snowing here all day
Voodoomaster: James, any lay?
Silas: Guy: you mean settle?
Dragonkin: Silas: Either that or one hell of a personal question.

Rork takes Silas away for some hot, dirty action!
Silas; Rork: Monster Truck rally?
Rork; Silas: Well, if that's the way you like it...

Darkprincess looks around for some clothes in an attempt to blend in
Rork hands DP a flannel.

Silas: Darmort, stop playing with your rifle!
Darmort: But it's fun, Silas!
Silas: in a satisfying way?
Darmort: Damn right

Rork pets fazz.
Rork: Good boy.
fazz smiles at rorks affection
Rork now has a harem!
Rork wonders if a male harem is really a useful thing...

Orthar is the proud owner of a 2006 virus, complete with flem, coughing and all the optional extras such as no energy and periodic choking
Orthar: if anyone's interested it also comes in black with red go faster stripes

Rork: Lioness: But does the air have those funny lines when they jump?
Lioness: Rork- only in hurricane season
Rork: Lioness: They get those in the forest?
Orthar: Rork: wind/flatulence lines?
Rork: Orthar: Elves don't fart, they "emit"

AoA: what the hell keeps moving the mouse pointer??
AoA: oh
AoA: it?s the mouse

Arq: I so should have done ballet.
Silas: cos you'd look good in a tutu?
Arq: yeah, damn straight I would

Calapine;Rik: i'm squating tomorrow, i always have visions of my knees popping

Grudgebearer mutters about these sneak quotes James keeps doing

Grudgebearer; Ignore anything you hear about Ricold being beaten off chat, it's WIP. Maybe.
Grudgebearer; Hmm... a hidden innuendo that wasn't supposed to be there....

Ansob: So it's now turned into #smbondagelesboactiobetweendpandortharandrorktalkinghisusualnonsense...

Nagathi takes a swing at Darry
Darry goes flying across the room
Darry: What did I do this time?!

Silas hugs the stuffing out of Adam
DawiGONE has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
Silas; damn! that was a strong hug!

Lethalis; Extra, extra! NK wants Leth banned from Asur.ogre!

danceman; i don?t mope around much but it?d be nice to have something last more ...

<--dragonprince has left irc.gamesurge.net (Ping timeout)|
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Rork: Like pinging chatters off a Wraithlord

Ricold mugs Silas and shoves a sandwich in his mouth
Grudgebearer: What a nice mugger...
Grudgebearer: Your wallet for a sandwich

Voodoomaster; and their leader got up and ran away drying

Danceman; and ive come to believe my hat has magical powers
Rork; What does it do?
Danceman; gets me girls
Rork; What happens when you take it off?
Danceman; nothing

Uruthi: This was the army I sued during the tourney

danceman; never though being dressed would be a minority
danceman; how about that

NobleK wishes he could sleep with Linda and Lady_Rowiel to 'cure' his virginity problem.
Lady_Rowiel; NobleK: then find yourself a goat dear
Lady_Rowiel; I am occupied

Rork: *twang*
Silas: argh! ye got me!
Silas: *dies*
Lethalis: nice shot Neil
Rork: Hehehehe.
Rork: Heeey...who wrote "Silas" on this arrow?
Dragonkin: Rork, Doom Diver of Khorne
Lethalis: *looks the other way*

Rork: I am the master! I am the snake eyes!
Silas: you are the snake's eyes?
Rork: Silas: Yeah, got bored of being the bee's knees.

Lethalis: hey Erik
Lethalis: you just saved the chat
Dragonkin: I did?
Rork: From small furred pineapples with legs.

Lethalis: so, how are you 2?
Silas: right now? I?m a little grossed out...
Rork: I?m fine.
Lethalis: you always were gross
Silas: Yeah, but now it?s a state of mind.
Rork: Sounds like the time to buy a nurgle army

King Ulrik Flamebeard: Rork - Aye, pink is me
Silas: you are pink? can i call ye the Pink Dwarf from now on then?
King Ulrik Flamebeard: erm... Silas no
Silas: The Pink Dwarf, turns up whenever there is a beer shortage and they've begun serving those little sausages on a stick at Dwarven parties...
Silas: What he DOES isn?t quite clear...
King Ulrik Flamebeard: Silas - Shush. Stop revealing out secrets!!

darkprincess: King Ulrik Flamebeard: never trust an elf - isn't that something of a mantra among your people ?
King Ulrik Flamebeard: DP - Aye, but drunkenness comes as standard with the beard
Rork: Think of all the fumes from the spilt beer that must reside in those beards...
darkprincess: Rork: thats why stunties always smell like a brewery
King Ulrik Flamebeard: DP - No, that's because we drink one. Daily

Silas: Symptom : Feet cold and wet.
Silas: Fault : Glass being held at incorrect angle.
Silas: Solution : Turn glass so that open end is pointing at ceiling.
Rork: Welcome to Silas-vision.

philleehellphia: dp: true. I think snotlings are cute....
darkprincess: philleehellphia: yeah, well they're just lower-case gobbos
Silas: lower case? They are part of the alphabet now?
darkprincess: Silas: yeah - file under "S" for "snotling, snottie, stupid green git etc"

Linda Lobsta Defenda: <-- cooking
Silas: Linda is being cooked? *wonders if she tastes nice*
Auric Stormcloud: Mmm... lobster....

A neutral shade of black.: Sil: in your absence, we've come to the conclusion that the CBox and all its inhabitants should be turned into a Discworld novel.
Silas: ansob; no. Discworld hasn?t done porn yet.

Linda Lobsta Defenda: silas and pinky in bed together
Linda Lobsta Defenda: *starts handing out condoms*
Rork: Linda is being a responsible role model? Someone's replaced Linda!

Dragonkin: Ulrik: Slaanesh Dwarfs?
King Ulrik Flamebeard: DK - Shusssh a secret sect

Andruillius: I outlasted my sister

Dragonkin: .

Lucian: hi everyone, i came seeking advice for an upcoming game i have
Lucian: i have a game in a campaign against Skaven and they are my bane
Andruillius: Lucian: Kill your opponent, problem solved.

Silas: I?m hungry
Silas: *nibbles on Auric*
Auric Stormcloud: Silas: A little to the left.

Rork: Lag lag...LAG!
Silas: *shoots the Lag*

Rork: Bye all! (This message was not legally vetted in any fashion)

Lord Kherith: so, how are you <insert strange animal here>?

Linda Lobsta Defenda: yeah lobsta is a lobster
Linda Lobsta Defenda: those cute lovable things

Kitrik: i have powers...

Strykaar the Enraptured: Rork: Behind your nice guy image your really a sadistic dominatrix type PVC creature

Linda Lobsta Defenda: well silas is cute
Linda Lobsta Defenda: funny
Linda Lobsta Defenda: rather cuddly
Linda Lobsta Defenda: and kissable for a guy

Silas: ok, anyone want to help a little girl out? She's my cousin and she's got a problem, and i don?t know what advise to give her...
Linda Lobsta Defenda: shoot Silas
Linda Lobsta Defenda: NOO I don?t mean shoot him
Linda Lobsta Defenda: i mean tell us

Darmort: I wonder what 15 Bulls going up the rear is like...
Silas: Dary; don?t know, but you'd need a lot of cream afterwoulds

Lethalis slaps Dragonkin around a bit with a large trout

Lady_Jenenius: we have a feeding pen?
Dragonkin: yeah, but it doesn?t write very well...

Dragonkin: Know the feeling...
Lethalis: Have the feeling...
Rork: Have a devoted

Linda: I dont know. Perhaps Rork had contaminated you
Dragonkin: Linda: The only brainwashing Khornates do is to clean out newly acquired skulls.

Rork: You need a certain magic to get into the quotes ;).
AuricStormcloud steals Rork?s magic

darkprincess slaps Auric with a wet dwarf
AuricStormcloud: Harder, damn it!
darkprincess: lol
Andruillius: See! Knew she was hiding something!
darkprincess: Andruillius: what am I hiding ?
Andruillius: The wet dwarf
Linda: wet dwarf? .... Kinky

AlcingRagaholic: time to rebuild the Minotaur
Silas: They build Minotaurs now? Well, I suppose that?s more pleasing then the thought of them mating...

Lady_Silas: Brets can fly?
Lady_Silas: other then the pegasus'
Linda: if you load them into their trebuchet ...yes

Silas: incomming Hali
Tastyfish braces for impact

Lethalis: I'd pretty much do a grey seer in every skaven army it's allowed in
Silas: you'd do every grey seer you come across?
Silas looks shocked
Silas: I didnt know you were into beastiality...

ross: yeah but when you mllok at my mum in perspective
Goblit likes to mllok at ross' mum

Dragonkin: And to reiterate what I said as you left - Jezzails, who do you think I am? Clan Skryre? =)
Silas: You ARE clan skryre?
Silas: How could you be a whole clan...?
Dragonkin: Severe multiple personality disorder.

Ricold is off to seek food, enlightenment, and a warm bed. he'll be back when two out of three have been completed
Rork: Ricold is going to starve, then...

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