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1. This set of rules may change at any time, without prior notification. Read these rules through at least once, and preferably on a regular basis.

2. As the disclaimer at the bottom of this page shows, this site (the rules site) and the actual #Albion IRC channel are completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.

3. The #Albion channel is located on the network. As such, everyone in the channel must follow their Acceptable Use Policies as well as their Terms of Service.

4. The #Albion IRC channel is not affiliated with any specific online community or web page, but work as an independant channel, with its own set of rules and guidelines. Of course, online communities may connect to the channel in many different ways, but forum rules does not apply directly (even though our rules are very similar).

5. As a result of rule 3, operators in #Albion gain operating status through good work in the channel rather than good work at one of the sites connected to the channel. No administrators or moderators from the sites connected to #Albion may claim right to hold operator powers.

6. The operators of #Albion have a some tolerance for spam and trolling, but it is up to the operators to keep the channel clean and they will do so after their own liking. Cyber-stalking and rudeness in general is not allowed and will result in a kick or ban from #Albion.

7. Discussions about politics, religion and sexuality can, and will most often, cause heavy debates that might evolve into disagreements and/or insulting. Such topics of discussions are not totally banned, but should be kept civilized, and if anyone feels that the discussion has gone too far, he or she is free to stop it. Just contact an operator or speak out in the channel. The operators reserve the right to end a discussion at any time, if he or she deems such an action to be for the best.

8. Don't be try to impersonate other people, or steal other people's names knowingly. It's not fun, it's not clever, and someone will catch you.

9. And no singing on Saturdays!

10. In short; behave or be gone.

By writing messages in #Albion, you have automatically abided by these rules. Any breach of these rules may result in a kick from the channel, or a temporary or permanent ban. Such actions are enforced by the operators as they see best fit.